Two weeks of Carlisle Dance Summer Camp and at least 10 weekly classes OR one week of summer camp and at least 30 weekly classes.


Company dancers are required to take 2 ballet classes per week, 1-2* jazz classes per week, 1 stretching/ conditioning or barre class, at least one additional style of dance, as well as company rehearsals.

make up classes

Dancers are required to makeup any classes missed and maintain a 96% attendance record. Ballet classes must be made up in ballet class.


Take your dancing to the next level

Company consists of Carlisle Dance students who wish to attend dance workshops and competitions in addition to traditional dance instruction and recitals held at Carlisle Dance. As a team, we usually attend 3-4 competitions and workshops throughout the year.

Company contract

Dancers in Company are required to sign a contract. Read the contract here by clicking here.

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Congratulations to our Elite Company Members!

Each routine is $30 per student and due by August 1st. Any fees not paid by August 1st, will be automatically charged.  If for any reason you cannot to commit to any of the routines below, please talk to Miss Kristen as soon as possible.

Fall rehearsal times TBD.

Diamond Team - Jazz - Choreo: Kristen
Rehearsals held Monday, 5:30-6:30pm

All Company Members, Returning and New!

Summer rehearsal- Company Choreography Week, August 26-29 from 4:30-6:30pm

Ruby Team - Jazz​ - Choreo: Kristen

Kate, Erin, Aniyah, Camryn

Summer rehearsal- July 6-7, 9-11am

Sapphire Team - Tap​ - Choreo: Megan

Morgan, Gabrielle, Lily, Brinley, Maya

Summer rehearsal- August 26-27, 6:30-8:30

Emerald Team - Jazz​ - Choreo: Kristen

Kate, Maggie, Morgan, Melissa, Kristina, Erin, Ella, Thea, Annelise, Aniyah, Camryn, Cassie, Olivia, Evy, Braylei, Devin, Parker

Summer rehearsal- August 28-29, 6:30-8:30pm

Topaz Team - Lyrical- Choreo: Shannon

Rachel, Maci, Cassie, Braylei, Evy, Devin, Olivia

Summer rehearsal- July 28, 12-4pm

Amethyst Team - Lyrical- Choreo: Kristen

Maggie, Melissa, Kristina, Ella, Thea, Annelise, Kate, Erin

Summer rehearsal- August 26-27, 6:30-8:30pm

Aquamarine Team - Jazz- Choreo: Kristen

Rachel, Lily, Gabrielle, Maci, Molly, Mackenzie, Brinley, Maya, Emma, Jolene

Summer rehearsal- August 22-23, 4:30-6:30pm

Jade Team - Hip Hop - Choreo: Natalie

Kristina, Aniyah, Camryn, Braylei, Jolene

Summer rehearsal- TBD

Opal Team - Lyrical - Choreo: Motique

Molly, Mackenzie, Rachel, Maci, Gabrielle, Lily

Summer rehearsal- August 28-29, 6:30-8:30

Pearl Team - Contemporary- Choreo: Shannon

Melissa, Kate, Maggie, Devin, Olivia, Aniyah, Camryn

Summer rehearsal- Aug 30-Sept 1, Time TBD

Garnet Team - Lyrical- Choreo: Shannon

Erin, Ella, Thea, Evy, Cassie, Braylei, Parker

Summer rehearsal- Aug 30-Sept 1, Time TBD

Onyx Team - Jazz- Choreo: Kristen

Ella, Maggie, Melissa, Thea, Parker

Summer rehearsal- July 18-19, Time TBD

Citrine Team - Senior's Choice- Choreo: Kristen

Annelise, Kristina, Morgan

Summer rehearsal- TBD


$200, 3 lessons for 2 hours each




$100 per dancer, 3 lessons for 2 hours each (additional time $30/half hour)

Kate and Ella

Thea and Maggie

Erin and Camryn

Aniyah and Melissa

Olivia and Devin

Cassie and Rachel

Evy, Braylei, Maci

All those selected for an extra routine should see Miss Kristen about selecting summer practice time. Dancers selected for extra routines are highly encouraged to attend the optional competition/ convention(s).

More information please...

Are you interested in taking your dancing to the next level? Contact us and let us know so that we can make sure your dancer is on the right path!